HotelWalla, the first hotel widget for event organizers

LastRoom, Mexican same-day hotel booking startup, launches HotelWalla

Going to an event outside and no idea where to sleep? Keep calm and take a look at HotelWalla, a new and powerful hotel widget that all event organizers should have installed in their websites. HotelWalla is free, easily customized and makes possible for the attendees to identify the closest hotels from a specific venue and complete the booking process within the same website in less than 20 seconds.

HotelWalla is a brand-new product powered by LastRoom, the first startup focused on same-day hotel booking in Latin America, who -after 10 months of being in the market- has already reached 100,000 downloads, 50 active cities in Mexico, nearly 500 direct deals with hotels and a quick expansion to the Latin American region, from Colombia and Chile.

So how does it work and why is so cool? The best value of HotelWalla for any event organizer is that in less than a minute they will be able to generate a customized widget, put it in their website and provide for their attendees with a unique tool to find a good accommodation next from their venue without searching individual sites.

If you're organizing an event, the only thing you have to do is defining the time and the exact venue where it will take place. By doing so, HotelWalla generates a code which can be easily add in the event website, generating a map of the hotel options available for that specific dates. The big deal here is that people can easily complete their hotel reservation in the same webpage, with no need to move to another platform to finish the purchase and guarantee their accommodation during that dates.

Josue Gio, CEO and co-founder at LastRoom: "This year we went to a bunch of events in different countries to present LastRoom and we spent too much time surfing the net and looking for the best available hotels close to the venue.

Our obsession is to improve the traveler's experience. HotelWalla and LastRoom are just two examples of how we revolutionize the travel industry.”

This is not a pivot of LastRoom, this is an extention and a unique experience for travellers and an opportunity for the event organizers to give more value to their attendees, helping them to arrange their trip in a more efficient and funny way.

About LastRoom

LastRoom is a startup company based in Mexico City, providing smart travel solutions aimed to reshape the travel management and the booking experience of business travelers and travel agents across the globe. 

Our Technologies:

1. Roomino: a travel booking solution which simplyfies the travel management within your team. Invite your teammates, track their bookings, recollect all the invoices in one place and easily generate expenses reports.

2. LastRoom: instantly book your favorite hotel wherever you are. More than 500 all budget hotels worldwide everyday at the lowest available price.

3. Odizea: Travel delivery platform for travel experts. Get access to a premium content of more than 500k all-budget properties around the world at the lowest web-fares and gain a 10% of commission for any reservation.