HotelWalla plugin now available for WordPress users

The first hotel widget for event organizers can be easily installed in any WordPress theme.

First the widget, now a plugin for WordPress users. LastRoom -a Mexican travel startup for same-day hotel booking, with operations in México, Colombia and Chile- looks quite determined in exploiting all the opportunities of the long-tail segment of the events industry. Three weeks later since the release of the first hotel widget for event organizers, the WordPress plugin of HotelWalla will surely increase its visibility and worldwide spreading.

HotelWalla, a new and innovative widget that event organizers can embed on their website to show attendees nearby hotels and which enables the booking process without users having to leave the event page, is now a WordPress plugin too. Since WordPress is no longer a small CMS, but it’s being used in large and professional websites, the idea is to exploit its amazing spreading worldwide to get HotelWalla being known in the long-tail segment of the events industry.

HotelWalla is a product powered by LastRoom, a Mexican travel startup focused on same-day hotel booking in Latin America, who has being growing fast in the region, reaching in less than 10 months more than 50 cities in Mexico and starting operations also in Colombia and Chile. The best value of HotelWalla for any event organizer is that in less than a minute they will be able to generate a customized widget, embed it in their website, and provide for their attendees with a unique tool to find a good accommodation next from their venue without searching individual sites. It's easy, useful and works worldwide thanks for a recent agreement with Expedia Affiliate Program.

The team of LastRoom, based in Mexico City, which has recently being awarded during the WeXhange pitch conference in Miami, remarks that HotelWalla is an alternative booking funnel of LastRoom and together with their mobile apps for same-day hotel booking is a great example of how they plan to revolutionize the travel industry, providing for new and innovative tools to improve travelers’ experience around the world.

To download the plugin and to get more information about the installation requirements, visit

About LastRoom

LastRoom is a startup company based in Mexico City, providing smart travel solutions aimed to reshape the travel management and the booking experience of business travelers and travel agents across the globe. 

Our Technologies:

1. Roomino: a travel booking solution which simplyfies the travel management within your team. Invite your teammates, track their bookings, recollect all the invoices in one place and easily generate expenses reports.

2. LastRoom: instantly book your favorite hotel wherever you are. More than 500 all budget hotels worldwide everyday at the lowest available price.

3. Odizea: Travel delivery platform for travel experts. Get access to a premium content of more than 500k all-budget properties around the world at the lowest web-fares and gain a 10% of commission for any reservation.