LastRoom helps SMBs to cut travel expenses with a free B2B solution.

LastRoom dabbled in corporate travel with a cloud-based software "LastRoom for Business"

LastRoom dabbled in corporate travel with a cloud-based software which looks like the perfect alternative to the existent travel management systems for SMBs. Offering more than 500,000 all-budget hotels worldwide, together with apartments, hostels and B&B, "LastRoom for Business" is the first travel booking solution to combine the best content of the net, with high levels of corporate control such as invoice reconciliation, reports and analytic tools. We’re pleased to announce that “LastRoom for Business” will be launched today at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2014.

LastRoom is pleased to launch "LastRoom for Business" today at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2014. "LastRoom for Business" is a cloud-based software tailored to SMBs looking to cut their travel costs, skipping the expensive fees of the existent travel management systems. The great innovation here bases in a combination of content and data, since "LastRoom for Business" is the first business travel solution to bring together the best rates from the net in a large number of accommodations worldwide, with high levels of corporate control, such as bill reconciliation, reports and analytics tools.

Since the mobile app for same-day hotel booking, LastRoom is making its’ biggest push so far in launching a new B2B solution, which could change the rules of corporate travel. Free to companies of any size, this unique travel booking solution offers more than 500,000 all-budget hotels worldwide, together with apartments, hostels and B&B.

The problem of big corporations is the limited content of GDS systems, “LastRoom for Business” gives business users access to a global inventory of all-budget hotels, from 1 to 5 stars, B&B, apartments and hostels. Many of which are not available in the GDS platforms. 

On the other hand, the "long tail of the market" struggles with the same challenges, above all the lack of an affordable and dedicated travel manager system and has been long awaiting to improve its travel management, with a better, less sophisticated and free technology. LastRoom for Business offers a set of corporate control tools, such as reports, analytics and invoice reconciliation which fits perfectly to SMBs' need of better management over their travel spends .

Josue Gio, CEO and Cofounder: "The beta version of LastRoom for Business works as an hotel booking suite, however, we're already working on the integration of other services, with specific focus on flights. Precisely for this, LastRoom has recently signed a formal partnership with GDS Amadeus, a leading IT partner. Amadeus will provide us with its broad air content availability, including low-cost carriers worldwide. Its technological solutions will help us to improve the business performance of travelers."

LastRoom will exhibit in the Startup Alley during the 2nd day of the TechCrunch Conference. Vote for us at the Startup Alley, we look forward to meeting you there!

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 is TechCrunch’s sixth annual conference in San Francisco. The format combines top thought-leader discussions with new product and company launches. Morning executive discussions debate technology-driven disruptions in many industries, while the afternoons are reserved for the Startup Battlefield, where some 30 new companies will launch for the first time onstage, selected to present from numerous applications received from around the world. The winning company will receive a $50,000 grand prize and the Disrupt Cup at the conclusion of the conference. The conference is September 8-10, 2014 at the Pier 48, San Francisco, CA 94158.

About LastRoom

LastRoom is a startup company based in Mexico City, providing smart travel solutions aimed to reshape the travel management and the booking experience of business travelers and travel agents across the globe. 

Our Technologies:

1. Roomino: a travel booking solution which simplyfies the travel management within your team. Invite your teammates, track their bookings, recollect all the invoices in one place and easily generate expenses reports.

2. LastRoom: instantly book your favorite hotel wherever you are. More than 500 all budget hotels worldwide everyday at the lowest available price.

3. Odizea: Travel delivery platform for travel experts. Get access to a premium content of more than 500k all-budget properties around the world at the lowest web-fares and gain a 10% of commission for any reservation.